University Budget Office 

When you have a budget related question, your best resource is always going to be your Budget Analyst. Given the nature of budget instructions, quite often the initial answer to your question is going to be, "It depends," nevertheless, your Budget Analyst will work with you to determine exactly what information you need and make sure you get a workable answer.

Whenever the university receives new budget regulations or guidelines, your Budget Analyst will try to share that information with everyone it affects, but sometimes the instructions are obscure enough that they are better administered on a case by case basis. You are not expected to know how to handle every budget situation. Instead, your Budget Analyst makes an effort to be ready to help you when you need it.

Each unit, by 2-digit department ID, is assigned to a specific Budget Analyst. To find your Budget Analyst, please use our topic-specific contacts page.

We are also compiling a list of frequently asked questions and an index of budget topics A to Z. If you prefer, you are invited to check those to see if your answers are there.


The procedures manual page has links to our official PRR documents.