University Budget Office 


  • New Tracking Category functionality is available in the Online Monthly Activity Recon (OMAR) tool for COVID-19 expenditures.

      The new functionality is available now and allows a user to tag expenditures by journal line with a COVID-19 flag. The University Budget Office will use the OMAR COVID-19 tags to report your COVID-19 expenditures beginning with the report due on September 30, 2020.
      This data will be used to report COVID-19 expenditures in the university's financial reports and to OSBM. By each report deadline (15th and 30th of every month), you will need to tag all COVID-19 expenditures back to July 1, 2020. Our office will run a report from PeopleSoft to aggregate the COVID-19 expenditures at the end of each reporting period. This report will replace the current Excel template for tracking expenditures.
      To begin using the expanded OMAR functionality for COVID-19 reporting:
      • If the user does not already have access to OMAR (Financials Quick NAV -> Monitoring Tools and Reports -> Online Monthly Activity Recon), you will need to submit a SAR request (select "Online Monthly Activity Recon" security role). On the "Financial OUC Selection" tab, for the OUC that you need, ensure that at least one of these transaction types is selected: All Transactions; Journals,Proj,Chartfield Req (General Ledger); Mrktplace,Travel,Voucher,PCard (Accounts Payable); Requisitions; or IDTs.
      • Reporting should follow the bi-weekly (15th and 30th) schedule, and actuals journals need to be tagged retroactively to July 1, 2020.
      • A public query named BUD_COVID_OMAR_RPT is available in Reporting. You can use the query to run a report to see a list of your COVID tagged actuals journals. The Reporting query will reflect data from the night before.
      • The Controller's Office developed an in-depth guide (Unity login required) and a video tutorial explaining how to use the new COVID-19 tracking functionality of OMAR.
      • It is important to note that this functionality is open only for 30 days after each quarter. For example, October 30 is the last day OMAR will allow an item to be tagged as a COVID-19 expense if the expense item occurred during the first quarter.
      • Since this tool only tracks actual costs incurred, we developed a simplified Excel template to continue tracking projected costs for items over $100K and actual lost revenue for items over $100K. The revised template can be downloaded into Excel or shared as a Google Sheet version.
      • We really appreciate your feedback on this new tool, especially if you discover any problems. Please send your feedback in an email to