NC State Budget Central 

How To Subscribe:

Option One attempts to automatically open a new email message window on your computer. (This should work for most on-campus, non-public computer configurations, but you may not be able to use this option if you are trying to subscribe from a public computer or an off-campus computer.) Everything necessary to subscribe will already be included in the email. All you will need to do is click "send".

Option Two takes you to the front page of NC State's Majordomo email list server. If you are a student or employee of the university, you can click on the "Lists" button to see all of the available email lists. (You will be required to login with your Unity credentials to access the lists.) Select the "administrative" list category to find and then select the "budgetcentral" list. Follow the instructions on the page to subscribe.

Option Three requires you to simply send an email to, leaving the subject field blank and typing only the words subscribe and budgetcentral in the body of the message.

Additional help with subscribing can be found here.